• Den 3 Learns More About Caring at Parkland

    Den 3 Learns More About Caring at Parkland

    For most first graders a trip to the hospital might be something to worry about, but Pack 55’s Tiger Cubs got a special look at Parkland Hospital last weekend, and they even learned something in the process.  (UPDATE:  See the “Parkland Now” newsletter on this event here and the article on Parkland’s website here.)

    An Action-Packed Afternoon

    On their Sunday afternoon some of Parkland’s finest — all of whom came in on their day off to make this visit happen — helped our Tiger Cubs learn more about how Parkland Hospital takes care of those who need it.  Team members from Parkland’s Police Department and Parkland Hospital’s Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation’s Occupational and Physical Therapy Departments made the visit a real experience by:

    • Putting marbles and poker chips in our boys’ shoes and binding their legs so they could better understand physical impairments;
    • Having the boys maneuver an obstacle course in the Physical Therapy area with canes and walkers while using vision-impairing glasses, ear plugs, and more to mimic physical disabilities and understand the challenges people with disabilities face;
    • Letting each boy feel what it’s like to have a splint made (since Occupational Therapists at Parkland use these to stabilize upper extremities after an injury);
    • Helping each boy test their grip strength and use some of the rehab equipment for exercising their upper and lower extremities;
    • Showing them the inside of their police cars (they all got a chance to turn on the siren!);
    • Showing them the security monitoring center and police headquarters (where they learned that one of the police officers is a Cubmaster, too);
    • Taking our boys to the Police Department’s booking room — where Parkland’s police officers demonstrated how to fingerprint and taught our boys about the uniqueness of everyone’s fingerprint; and
    • Much, much more — as one proud parent put it, “they did so much it’s almost hard to remember!”  No doubt that’s true.

    More than Just a Hospital

    The theme of Den 3’s visit was that Parkland is more than a hospital — it may be a Level 1 Trauma Center and a Regional Burn Center, but it’s also a broader community resource, and this ties in to the Tiger Cub Where I Live Achievement.  Our boys’ discussions with Parkland’s therapists about nutrition and how it contributes to overall health, and their learning experiences with (temporary) physical disabilities, tied directly to the Keeping Myself Healthy & Safe Achievement.

    Packing all this into one afternoon couldn’t have been easy, so we offer a “thank you” to our friends at Parkland Hospital and our special thanks to Den 3 Den Leader Joanna Brown, a proud Parkland Team member herself, for making the trip possible.

    More photos of the trip include the following:

    Peyton with a Cane


    Max Cast


    Parkland Police Car