Dear New Pack 55 Families:

Welcome – – we’re happy to have you as a part of the Pack 55 Family!

If your child is in:

  • 1st grade he is a Tiger
  • 2nd grade he is a Wolf
  • 3rd grade he is a Bear
  • 4th grade he is a Webelos I
  • 5th grade he is a Webelos II

What you need:

  • A Scout Handbook for your boy’s level (Tiger, Wolf, etc.)
  • Blue short sleeve scout shirt (if you are starting out as a Webelos, you have the option of purchasing a tan shirt, which your son can continue to wear in Boy Scouts, assuming you remove and replace some patches)
  • Neckerchief and slide
  • Hat (optional)
  • 2 # 5 patches (representing Pack 55)
  • 1 Circle 10 Council shoulder patch
  • 1 World Crest Emblem
  • 1 belt – – the boys will earn certain ‘belt loops’ that will become part of their uniforms.

The back of your boy’s handbook has a diagram of where each item should go, or it can be found using this link for Tiger, Wolf and Bear Scouts, or this link for Webelos Scouts.  Below is a great example of a new Tiger Cub uniform — Jett K. when he was a new Tiger Cub:

Tiger Cub Uniform

Where to buy your uniforms:

The Circle 10 Council’s Scout Shop on Harry Hines Boulevard is the closest to St. John’s and can be found at:

  • John D. Murchison Scout Shop
    8605 Harry Hines Blvd
    Dallas, TX 75235
    Phone: (214)902-2001
    Google Map Available Here

John DeGroote


Hillary DeGroote