• Service Day at the White Rock Center of Hope

    Service Day at the White Rock Center of Hope

    Did you know that, right in our neighborhood, there are kids and families without enough food and clothing?  Did you know that there’s a place where our neighbors can go for these basic needs, and where they can get school supplies, toys, financial aid, and more?  The Webelos IIs from Pack 55 do — and they know it’s the White Rock Center of Hope.

    On Saturday eight boys from Pack 55, including six Webelos IIs and two eager younger brothers — and some very helpful sisters and parents — spent the morning learning about the White Rock Center of Hope and what it does for our community.  The group also:

    • Donated macaroni ‘n cheese, beans, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other toiletry items;
    • Worked to divide the 100 pounds of pinto beans they donated into individual 1-pound bags for distribution to those who need them;
    • Flattened extra boxes for recycling;
    • Flattened grocery bags so the WRCH can reuse them; and
    • More.

    2014_06_21 The Team

    2014_06_21 1 WRCH Introduction

    Pack 55 Scouts who participated included:

    • Carter T.
    • Quinn P.
    • William L.
    • Jack D.
    • Jet B.
    • Sam P. and
    • Max D.

    Our boys learned a lot from Patsy Chalmers, the WRCH’s Pantry Manager, and the rest of the Center’s volunteers, and it’s clear Pack 55 will be back.  Until then, if you’d like to help, know that the Center can ALWAYS use mac ‘n cheese, jelly, and adult toothbrushes, and they usually need as much deodorant, toothpaste, powdered detergent, bar soap, and shampoo as they can get.

    A flyer about the White Rock Center of hope can be found here, and, if you get a chance, reach out to the White Rock Center of Hope — you’ll be glad you did.

    2014_06_21 2 WRCH Intro II

    2014_06_21 Bagging the Beans

    2014_06)21 Quinn and William

    2014_06_21 Bagging the Beans II

    2014_06_21 Flattening the Boxes

    2014_06_21 Sisters Can Help Too

    2014_06_21 Kitchen Discussion

    2014_06_21 Max Flattening Bags