• The Big D Fleur-De-Lis Project

    The Big D Fleur-De-Lis Project

    Have you ever tried to break a world record?  It isn’t easy, but this weekend our boys from Pack 55 gave it their all.

    Circle 10 Council’s Big D Fleur-De-Lis Project required Cub Scouts, Webelos, Boy Scouts and Venturers to gather cans to create the world’s largest Fleur-De-Lis to benefit International Scouting Initiatives.  Original estimates were that it would take 1.5 – 2.0 million crushed cans to create a Fleur-De-Lis approximately 330 feet in diameter.

    Eli and Max

    Although the Guinness Book of World Records hasn’t certified whether our boys achieved their goal, they sure had fun trying.  As they laid out the cans — and as they gathered them up for recycling after measurements were made — our boys learned a few things:

    • There are lots and lots of Scouts out there beyond Pack 55, from nearby neighborhoods and from places we hadn’t heard of before;
    • Organizing an event in advance — in this case by having everything ready when the Scouts arrived, which our friends at Circle 10 Council did — can make for a really smooth event; and
    • When a team pitches in, they can accomplish a lot (or, in the words of John Heywood, “Many hands make light work.”).

    This Tuesday the boys from Pack 55 who participated will receive their Messengers of Peace Patch, but the pictures below show that they have all gotten a lot out of their efforts already: Class A at the Fleur De LisYellow GlovesMax in the CansLots of Cans