• The Dallas Cowboys Sleepover

    The Dallas Cowboys Sleepover

    They told us it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity”, and they were right!  Cub Scout Pack 55 had a great time last weekend at the Dallas Cowboys Sleepover, and we’ll never view A&T Stadium the same.


    A Full Night of Events

    The fun started even before we got in the door — Rowdy met us outside the stadium for pictures and more.  Papa John’s Pizza, music, and games greeted us when we went inside, setting the tone for a great night.

    After dinner Pack 55 set up camp on the 15 yard line, with our efforts interrupted occasionally by a pass to the end zone.  All of this was followed by as much or as little stadium touring as our boys wanted — and they wanted plenty.

    As midnight approached the boys from Pack 55 grabbed popcorn, candy and sodas for a Diamond Vision screening of Monsters University — followed, at some point, by a few hours of sleep right there on the field.

    Was it really a once in a lifetime opportunity?  I sure hope not, and I’ll bet the rest of the Pack feels the same way.

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