• What Does “I Promise” Mean?

    What Does “I Promise” Mean?

    The Cub Scout Promise starts with two important words, and we say them at every Pack Meeting:  “I promise.”  So what do these words mean?  What is a promise, and why is it important?

    In tonight’s Cubmaster’s Minute Pack 55 began to explore the meaning of the Cub Scout Promise as a group with just the first two words.  60 seconds isn’t long, but it’s long enough to understand the importance of a commitment.

    Internet research on “how to teach what a promise is” doesn’t turn up much, but we can draw a lot from the phrase “Tie the knot”.  An African proverb I ran across said it best:

    A promise is a knot you tie with someone else.

    When you make a promise, you agree to do something for someone else, and they rely on it — locking in your commitment, and allowing them to count on you.  You can’t untie this knot alone, since unwinding the commitment has consequences for both of you.

    When you promise to do your best at each Pack Meeting, you make commitment to your Den, your Pack, your Akela, and others that you will do your best:

    • To do your duty to God and our country,
    • To help other people, and
    • To obey the Law of the Pack.

    As a part of Pack 55 and as a member of your community, I’m happy you have made this promise, and I am confident I can rely on it.

    And something tells me you’ll be happy you made it, too.